How to Bond With Your Sugar Glider

Step 1) Before you bring your sugar gliders home, carry a small square of fleece around for a few days in your shirt. Without washing this, put it into a sleeping pouch for your sugar gliders. This will help them adapt to the scent of you. (You can also give the patch to the person you are purchasing your sugar gliders from for a jump start.)

Step 2) When you bring your sugar glider (or sugar gliders) home, leave them alone for 2-3 nights. Give them fresh food each night, and be sure they have a constant supply of fresh water, but other than that let them adapt to the new sounds and smells of your home. Sit by the cage when they are out at night. Keep lights dim (Sugar gliders are nocturnal). Read, write, or use your computer, and let them get used to your presence.

Step 3) After a few days, put your gliders in a bonding pouch with a zipper. (If you are afraid of them biting you, remove their sleeping pouch the day before and put the bonding pouch into the cage so they will enter it themselves.) Zip the pouch and wear it around the house. Pet them softly through the fleece. (At this stage, do not leave the house with them.)

Step 4) Bribe your pets! Mealworms, Yogies, and plain, unsweetened yogurt are all good. Offer them to your glider(s) a few times a day. Though these treats are much like candy for humans, it is okay to give them a bit more than usual for bonding.

Step 5) Buy a tent, or use a glider proof bathroom. Take the gliders in there when they are awake at night, and let them run around. Bring treats and toys(feather boas are good for them to chase and pounce on) and let them come to you. Do this for at least an hour a night. Do not force them out of their pouch, or chase them. If a glider gets loose, throw a towel or fleece cloth over it and scoop it up.