What is A Sugar Glider?


The sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps) is a small gliding possum originating from the marsupialInfraclass.

The sugar glider is native to eastern and northern mainland Australia (as well as being introduced toTasmania) and is also native to New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago.

Sugar gliders can be found throughout the northern and eastern parts of mainland Australia, and in Tasmania, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. They can be found in any forest where there is food supply but are commonly found in forests with eucalyptus trees. They are nocturnal, meaning they sleep in their nests during the day and are active at night. At night, they hunt for insects and small vertebratesand feed on the sweet sap of certain species of eucalyptusacacia and gum trees.[6] The sugar glider is named for its preference for nectarous foods and its ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel.

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