Safety Tips for Sugar Glider Toys

INFORMATION ABOUT NO SEW ITEMS AND TOYS IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Tie Fringe Accents Are For Human Childerns Blankets NOT MARSUPIAL POUCHES When choosing your Bonding Pouches Please put a lot of thought into your purchase as these are very important decisions when it comes to setting up for your sugar glider or if you have to replace their favorite pouch. We provide Pouches that have clean lines and practical, safe designs to keep these special exotic souls safe. You will see some cute pouches out there with frilly, fringe accents, lace trim or metallic fabric. FRINGES ARE FOR CHILDREN'S BLANKETS NOT SUGAR GLIDER POUCHES OR TOYS These pets have nails that must keep a certain amount of a "C" curve in each nail to be able to climb and keep them healthy. When there is a surface with hanging pieces of fabric, these little nails will more than likely get stuck at one point or another. Even with the scheduled nail trimming as the curve has to stay in the nail! This will mostly happen while you are sleeping as they are nocturnal animals. These Cute, Pretty, hanging little fringes or applied notions will more than likely cause amputation of limbs. This is why we keep clean lines applied to our original designs. This is to inform you, think about it and make the choice of sensible and safe or frilly and fatal. Cute is not always safe.