Glider-Safe Toys

Gliders are very social animals, and they need lots of play time. Sugar Gliders love to play with and explore a new toy. Here are some various tips, suggestions, and items that glider owners use.

Exercise wheels are lots of fun for gliders, its also good exercise for them as well. Most people suggest getting a Wodent Wheel instead of a regular hamster wheel for safety reasons. Gliders can spend hours running around on the wheel. It can be even more fun when there is more than one glider running on it, they'll play a game of leap frog. Its one of those that you just got to see to believe. Many folks prefer the quieter Stealth Wheel.

A Tent or Nest is another good thing to have. Its not a toy, but it allows you to play with your glider without having to worry about it running off and getting in trouble. Tents or Nests are usually made out of Fleece fabric and are really great tools to help you bond with your glider. Hang the Nest in the cage with snap clips that the Glider cannot open themselves. If you crochet, try our Sugar Glider Nest Crochet Pattern.

Braided Fleece Ropes are great too. Gliders love climbing on things, so having a few braided fleece ropes in their cage converts it to a mini jungle gym. 

Barrel Full of Monkeys - which can be purchased at stores like Walmart, Target or KMart and can be found in the game section. Just string the monkeys together and hang from the top of the cage. Sugar Gliders will climb them and tear down the chain. You will find monkeys thrown all over the cage and floor! You can also incorporate the monkeys into fleecy braids or plastic chains. Sugar Gliders love to play in the barrels, too. Eggful of Bunnies are available at Walmart & Michaels at Easter time and are basically the same - only bunnies instead of monkeys! And they are cheaper!

Toddler Toys Usually anything safe for a toddler will be ok for a sugar glider to play with. Examples are Fischer Price Noah's Ark, Fischer Price Barns, Fischer Price Tree House, Baby Links, Rattles, etc. Of course, you can purchase these new - but I would suggest going to yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores. They offer a wealth of suggie toys at prices that cant be beat!

Sewn & No Sew Fabric Items There are several patterns for toys (and pouches) that are no sew for those of us who are sewing challenged. The majority of these are made from fleece and are so simple, they can be made in an hour or less. Check these sites for patterns:

Suggie Bay is a another place to purchase handmade toys, garage sale toys and branches, and many other Sugar Glider related items.